Enterprise Apps World 2014

enterpriseappsworld.pngThere was a recent article on ReadWrite stating that ‘50% Of Developers Focus On Mobile, But They’re Not Writing The Next Flappy Bird‘. Many are instead working on enterprise apps.

Yesterday I was at Enterprise Apps World in London. Exhibitors included complete enterprise solutions, solution enablers and a few developers of custom solutions. Here are the more developer-centric items I found of interest…

  • Shinobicontrols Android and iOS UI controls. Charts, grids, gauges on iOS and charts on Android (more coming soon). Licensed per developer.
  • InstantAPI, currently in early access, creates a server API from popular databases. They also have features in development such as API usage reporting.
  • OneSky language translation takes in popular app file resource formats. Their tools allow you to also submit screenshots so that the (human) translator can see the context of the text to be translated. The service is priced per word translated.
  • Germany-based TestBirds tests apps via crowdtesting according to your specs.
  • CNS Group provides app and mobile device security testing.

An observation I had is that many of the enterprise vendors, especially the larger ones, seemed to have a closed view of what entails ‘enterprise apps’. It’s largely seen as apps for the workforce as opposed to apps for employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

There were also several very thin/minimal services over cloud services and it wasn’t obvious to me why an enterprise might buy from these companies, who might go bust or whatever, when they can easily implement for themselves either in-house or via a 3rd party.