Developer Economics Q3 2014


VisionMobile has a new free Developer Economics report for Q3 2014. As expected iOS and Android continue to hold the greatest mindshare. The only surprise for me is that Windows Phone has been steadily gaining mindshare and is now at 28% of developers. Two out of three developers still target consumers even though enterprise apps offers safer opportunities…

I personally think many people don’t really understand the scope of enterprise apps. They think of it as a narrow field of supplying apps for use by employees. Most of the projects I have worked on over the last few years have been enterprise rather than consumer focussed and none of them have been for use by employees.

If you think of enterprise as apps being being sold to enterprises rather than consumers you can probably imagine more business areas. Also think about the use of apps by an enterprises’ suppliers and customers. These can be other businesses or actually end consumers.

Wikipedia says an enterprise can be "Any organization, including businesses, non-profits, and government agencies". This opens things up further to areas such as education, health, government and charities. Enterprise apps tend to have longer lifetimes and hence tend to get updated more. They can also often be white labelled or branded to sell the same thing many times.