The Best Way of Doing Things

uxmagazine.pngUX Magazine has a recent article on balancing product User Experience (UX) and lean execution. It describes how effort put into the UX should vary depending on the stage of product development. For example, if you are at the initial ‘Technology Stage’ you probably need little UX effort and should be concentrating on a minimum viable product (MVP). Conversely, if you are at the ‘Experience Stage’ you need to concentrate heavily on the UX.

There’s more to learn from this. The preponderance of conferences, articles, webinars, blogs and even my sites describing how things should be best done are often taken to be the way they should be done. People love to latch onto the ‘best’ way when, in fact, the best way depends on the situation. You can usually recognise this when someone says ‘that’s the accepted/standard/best way’ in response to a discussion, with no further justification.

This doesn’t just apply to UX. In app development it applies to many other areas such as what server backend to use, what 3rd party libraries to use, how secure the app has to be or even what mobile OS platform to use. The next time you have a choice how to do something don’t just look at reviews/comments on the technologies available but also think about the project situation. This includes the stage of product development, the team’s skills, the budget and timescales.

If you are a startup creating a team, remember that some seemingly clever but pedantic people can send you down an expensive and deep back hole. Instead, search out cleverer pragmatic people who have previously demonstrated they can balance implementation with the needs of the company.