Android Growing

businessinsider.gifThere’s an upbeat article at Business Insider that says that Android is suddenly growing massively as an e-commerce, advertising and app platform. It says…

"Too many analysts remain attached to an outdated idea of Google’s mobile operating system as fragmented, malware-ridden, and low-end. They believe Android users don’t spend money on mobile and lack lifetime value. This is no longer true."


One of the report’s takeaways, that "mobile business models that neglect or ignore Android risk severely limiting their market potential" reflects some US conversations I have had where it has been said that Android is a blind-spot for many California tech companies.

The report also covers how Android’s ad traffic and revenue share is rising fast and is producing healthy mobile commerce orders for companies. It also explains why Android’s fragmentation problem is overblown.

Negatives include feature creep and bloatware added by carriers and OEMs. I’d also say security is an issue, especially for security sensitive apps that need to make use of payments. Such apps need to take extra measures to protect themselves.