Deloitte Global Consumer Survey 2014

deloitte.gifDeloitte’s ‘Global Consumer Survey 2014’ (pdf) has some useful market research on mobile. While the report offers a unique perspective on the Dutch market, the data is global and the study comprised 37,000 respondents across 22 countries.


Some interesting insights for app developers…

  • Older consumer segments are rapidly catching up with smartphone ownership
  • Free WiFi remains the main Internet connection as 4G is still considered to be too expensive
  • Apple and Smasung have captured users mainly from Nokia
  • The smartphone remains the device that most consumers intend to purchase in the next year. The intent to purchase wearables remains limited.
  • Younger consumers renew their phones frequently, while two-thirds of those over 45 renewed their device once or not at all in the past 5 years
  • 4G is considered faster than Wi-Fi at home, at work, when out and about, and when commuting
  • Over 10% of 18-34 year olds look at their phones 100 times or more a day; only 9% of the over 65s never check their phone
  • Most people’s morning routine incorporates checking instant messages, texts, e-mails and social networks
  • The use of mobile payments and transfers is popular among most ages, especially younger people