29% of Android is Forked (AOSP) Android

abiresearch.gifIt seems to be research release season and ABI has also reported numbers for smartphone shipments. However, this time we have a breakdown of what proportion of Android is forked (AOSP). That is, Android devices that aren’t sanctioned by Google, haven’t passed compatibility testing and don’t have Google Apps and Google Play Services (at least not legally anyway). 


ABI’s prediction that AOSP growth, relative to non-AOSP, would decline has come to fruition. Assuming the lower shipment numbers it has stabilised (-1% change month on month) at about 29% of all Android devices.

Android shipments are now decreasing month on month mainly due to Apple’s brilliant 90% growth. 

UPDATE: Changed value from 41% to 29% as the first row in the table, despite its generic naming ‘Android’, doesn’t include the second.