Enterprise Mobile is Paying Off

airwatchAirwatch has some new research on the use of mobile in the enterprise, in particular for mid-market companies. It splits the market into progressive and conservative adopters.


An important insight is that 70% of the progressive adopters are saying the investment is paying off. A large proportion (75%) say mobile is now critical for business.

What does this mean for mobile developers? I continue to believe that ‘enterprise’ development is more important than the more trivial ‘apps for end consumers’ although there’s an overlap between the two. By ‘important’ I mean there are greater opportunities, have longer lasting appeal and tend to be more financially viable. All of the apps I have recently developed are more ‘enterprise’ than they are ‘end user’. Some are internal apps for employees, some are stand-alone hardware-based products while others cross over to end users to allow them to access the business as customers. These kinds of app are not marketing-type apps that are here today, gone tomorrow. They need to be supported and updated over time to support new business features and new devices.