Company App, Platform and Device Preferences

goodtechnologyYesterday I wrote about how mobile is paying off in the enterprise (companies). Today, I came across a new report on App, Platform and
Device Preferences (PDF) from Good Technology that digs deeper .

The report looks into apps and devices used by companies globally. Companies are mainly using office and communication apps such as contacts, calendar, email, IM, document access and the browser is actually the most used app for accessing additional business functionality. The insurance industry is an early leader in custom apps in that it represents over a third of all apps activated that access custom business processes.


As it happens, I have actually worked on one such (car) insurance app. I think the appeal for companies is that there’s a direct and quickly measurable impact for the (insurance) business. It allows access to new business and new channels in what’s a highly competitive industry. In other businesses, measuring the impact of custom apps can be less measurable and might even cannibalise existing access methods which might have some internal company inertia to ‘keep going’ even though they are out of date and inefficient. Less competitive industries than insurance have less incentive to care. However, with Google reporting upwards of 50% of us are now using mobile in preference to desktops/laptops, the laggards will have to eventually consider access via mobile, even if it is only from a web browser.