AllFiles Capability and File Explorers

nokia.gifIt’s about six months since I had trouble writing my file explorer and suggested that Nokia should have some policy regarding manufacturer approved capabilities. In the end, as it was freeware, I gave up and just allowed my application to see the unrestricted directories. Since then, a few other developers have gone down the same route and have yet to create a ‘full’ file explorer.

Today, Nokia published a document which describes manufacturer capabilities and the policies for obtaining them. It explains that AllFiles will never be granted to file explorer type applications…


The reasoning is that a file explorer would expose DRM and copy protection security holes. Fair enough – at least we know why now.

The above also shows that MTM, FEP and browser plug-ins also require manufacturer capabilities because the system exes can only load DLLs with a capability set greater than or the same as themselves. Hence you will need manufacturer capabilities even when these capabilities might not even be used by your DLL.