Google Code Search

google_codesearch_logo_sm.gifJust came across the new Google Code Search. It works very much like my popular Symbian Codex and J2ME Codex which I produced about a year ago.

I thought I would see how useful the Google Code Search will be for mobile developers. I typed in ‘extends midlet’ to get all J2ME applications. I got ‘about’ 700 references. Wow. Next I tried to see how many Symbian applications are listed. A search for ‘public CAknApplication’ and got ‘about’ 100 references. Again, very impressive given that Symbian code is a very specialist area within what must be a huge amount of indexed open source code.

Last year, I had heard that Symbian were creating their own code search repository. I don’t see much point now unless they can index internal non-public source code and/or also classify code by Symbian OS version.