Competitive Advantage Using Apps

catechnologiesThere’s some research by CA and Oxford Economics that shows companies now consider software-driven business models to be the key to competitive advantage. More specifically, organisations are looking to API-enabled software and mobile apps.


The report says there’s an emphasis on bringing more development back in-house or using mergers/acquisition to improve development capabilities. I believe this shows a maturing of the mobile development ecosystem. As mobile development becomes more mainstream, more companies will seek to control it better and more directly. Having outsourced or offshore development can add a level of hidden indirection to communications and I have often, but not always, seen that indirection slow things and cause misunderstandings.

In 2011, in Rise of the Mobile Development Intermediary I explained how I was seeing an increase in intermediaries and the associated problems. For the reasons explained in my previous post, I have always preferred working for companies developing their own software or at least controlling the features of a product used by their clients. Maybe we will start to see a decline in the number of mobile development intermediaries.