Mass Market Misdirection

bgrThere’s an article at BGR on how pranksters who run the YouTube account Dit Is Normaal loaded Android onto a fake iPhone and asked people what they thought of the new iOS 9. The video is entertaining and shows how people, even Apple and Samsung fans, were easily mislead. As BGR says…

“There are plenty of people out there, however, who don’t pay all that much attention to these things and who buy iPhones on the basis of Apple’s brand power.”

The video concludes with the message…

“It doesn’t matter what Apple release because people are going to think it’s prettier, bigger and better than the competition anyway.”

That might be so. However, if it were possible to put iOS on an Samsung device I am sure the mass market would be equally mislead.

For developers, this is more of a lesson that the mass market of people that use smartphones, and hence our apps, don’t have the same attention to detail as those of us who are, as BGR says, “really into technology”. It would be good to do a study to see if all the design elements (e.g. new navigation schemes, animations, Material design) we put into apps make any difference to real users or are just tech nonsense. Remember, only ten years ago, it was perceived wisdom that phones without hardware keyboards would never be popular because of lack of haptic feedback and smudged screens.