The Future of the Web from a Mobile Perspective

Last month Peter-Paul Koch (PPK) of quirksmode published a contentious post asking if it was time to stop pushing the web forward. His argument was that “cramming in more copies of native functionality at breakneck speed” is futile and native apps will always be better. Instead, the web should concentrate on its strengths: simplicity, URLs and reach. There has now been a newer post, stop pushing redux, on the mixed reactions to the original post.

I think what web developers are coming up against is what I described in 2007:

“Once we try to write real applications within the browser we will be exposed to similar issues that make native development difficult”

Even though the web now is still nowhere near feature parity with native in 2007, web developers are having a hard time developing for it. As I mentioned recently, the web vs apps outcome has resulted in the (mobile) web platform having security and fragmentation headaches.

The web still has a possible alternate successful future and I agree with PPK that it’s time to play on its strengths… and particularly it’s strengths over apps. Maybe new features should be those that native apps don’t have?