UK Smartphone Stats

deloitteIf you are creating an app targeting my home country, the UK, then there has very recently been a surplus of stats. Deloitte have a press release saying Britons collectively check their smartphones 1.1 billion times a day.

More than 32 million smartphones will be shipped in the UK in 2015; one for every other person in Britain. Over a third (36%) of smartphone owners look at their device more than 25 times a day. What’s new? Well, mobile payments are increasing.

34spMeanwhile, 34sp has a new UK Mobile Usage Study (pdf) based on a survey of 1000 people. 30% of respondents said their mobile phone is the main device they use to access the Internet. 1 in 4 of said their mobile is the main device they use to read the news.

What’s new? 20% say they have argued with friends for being distracted by their mobile phone. 25% admitted to having argued with a partner over checking their phone. It seems that ‘social’ is actually making us less social.