Mobile Academy and Lean Startups

themobileacademyThe Mobile Academy blog has lots of tips for startups. For example, last week there was an excellent post on 10 Tips to Market Your App for Little or No Money. It’s great to see some pragmatism and realism in this article. One of the problems with some high level advice and development best practice is that it comes from people in larger well funded companies. It often assumes you have infinite development effort and funding. In the real World of the long tail of tightly funded apps, the harder decisions are often associated with compromises to ideals.

Also take a look at the Mobile Academy post on insights from an audience with Russell Buckley. The first point is “If you haven’t read The Lean Start-up, you should”. I would go so far as to skip this book and read the much more pragmatic and actionable “Running Lean” authored Ash Maurya that’s part of the Lean series by Eric Ries – author of the original book. Ash takes Business Model Generation (mentioned in my Mobile Development Primer) and has developed a Lean Canvas.


The gist of the Lean Canvas is to document your plan, identify the risky areas and create lean experiments to exercise and evolve the plan.

The next Mobile Academy starts 1 October in London, a collaborative course that gives a grounding in mobile business and design.