Content Trends and Mobile

fippFIPP has a free Content Trends report (pdf) that, while aimed at magazine media, has some useful insights for mobile developers.

The first surprising statistic is that 9 percent (137.7 million) of Internet users worldwide are smartwatch owners…


It’s also interesting that smartphones and tablets are taking over desktops/laptops in all types of use. There’s no one genre that people prefer on mobile or desktop…


Social media is a growing and influential source of traffic referrals. FIPP recommend that publishers don’t just invest in Facebook pages and Twitter handles but actively invest in social media strategies to drive traffic to content and brands in order in drive growing revenue.

This data tends to suggest smartwatches are not a short-lived fad and need to be taken seriously. Organisations need to take mobile seriously if they aren’t doing so already. Finally, the key to marketing your mobile content is probably via social media strategies.