Enterprise Insights

cssinsightCCS Insight has a useful free report (no registration required), Accelerating Business Value, Innovation and Change through Mobility showing mobile best practices that have achieved significant results for three organisations.

The report describes how many companies mobile efforts are the result of the actions of “do it yourself” employees rather than IT departments. I previously wrote how this is often due to companies internally arguing over who and how mobile development should be performed within the organisation.

The reports suggests three best practices:

  • Promote Mobility to the Business by Its Use, Not Its Novelty Factor
  • Smaller, Iterative Steps with Bigger, Longer-Term Commitments
  • Establish One or Two Strategic Partners for Mobility

I think many companies miss out because of not adopting #1. Companies should think about, as CCS says…

“Cost savings, efficiency and productivity gains to improved employee and IT satisfaction levels and enhanced engagement with customers.”

This means measuring things via analytics … both pre (for example what devices end users already use) and post development to refine goals and measure success.