Mobile Linux Barriers

linuxinsider.gifThere’s a new article at Linux Insider on the Uphill Road for Linux on Cell Phones.

"To be successful, Linux-based phones have to overcome three barriers. One is the need for a new standard in the Linux kernel. Due to the various different Linux distributions, what exists in current Linux phones is proprietary software.

A second obstacle is that the the handset maker has to build the device’s software from scratch, consuming excessive development time. To solve this, a dedicated Linux OS company has to create one standard for all handsets to use.

The third barrier to overcome with Linux is having a single place to get the OS and software components without worrying about license issues."

There are plenty of initiatives in this area. However, everyone’s still waiting for them to fully deliver – and by ‘deliver’ I also mean having something worth using. By this time this happens, I expect that mobile Linux will be many more years behind Windows Mobile and Symbian in almost all aspects of the mobile ecosystem.

In the near term I think most Linux phones will continue to be proprietary software.