Who is Doing the Development?

Mike Roger has a great post on LinkedIn on “A Guide to Finding the Best Mobile App Development Company”. I particularly liked the part “Are they a third party company? Or develops apps on own?”

Mike explains…

“When you outsource your app development to any third party company, they further assign the work to the development company with commission added. Besides, you have no idea whom this third party company may outsource your project too – maybe they can get a cheap app development company to your work and you may end up with a total failure or below-standard performing app.”

There’s a lot of this going on and it isn’t new. Read Mike’s article to discover how you can combat this by knowing “about the experience of app developers and designers on board”.

The problem is not just about cost and quality. It’s about communication. I advise you assess the end-developer’s communication skills as much as their technical skills. A long time ago, in the graduate interview for my first job at a large UK software consultancy, I was asked to write a short essay on anything. The key test was if I couldn’t communicate, I wasn’t considered any good for software development. I am not suggesting you ask the end-developer to write an essay. Instead take a look at the tips in my past post on The Importance of Communication and Foresight during App Development.