Mobile Ad Revenue is Consuming Revenue on Other Formats

iabThe Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has a new Internet Advertising Revenue Report (pdf) conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The key headlines are that advertising revenues increased 19% and social advertising increased 51% in 2015 half year. But what about the mobile part? The chart below shows that mobile is taking over a larger share…

The chart below is more striking in that it shows the change in advertising format share over time. Only digital video and mobile are increasing. Mobile looks exponential.


What does this mean for developers? I suppose it depends if you are publishing ads, creating them or somewhere inbetween enabling the ad ecosystem. If you are in-app, ad funded then you can probably rely on an increasing stream of ad inventory. If you are relying on mobile ads to promote your app, product or service you can probably expect more competition for ad placement and increased user acquisition costs. If you are in the middle ground, enabling the ad ecosystem, there are bound to new opportunities.

One such opportunity is advertising analytics that will need to mature to the level achieved by more conventional ad formats. See MobyAffiliates for more insight into this area and a great roundup of the current top mobile advertising analytics and tracking tools.