Mobile Programming at a Higher Level

tranqltrnql has become available today for iOS and Android developers that aids programming contextual things (e.g. location, weather, database, server) at a higher level than using a multitude of libraries and APIs. For example, you can determine whether the user is in a vehicle, with just one API call.

trnql was founded by former Google and Yahoo veterans and aims to simplify the developer experience. For product owners, this means much quicker time to market and less expensive development – but you will, of course, have to pay for the trnql API longer term.

Mobile development is reaching ever higher levels of maturity. At first there were just the OS APIs. Then came the many libraries, for example the many Android libraries listed on Android Arsenal. We are starting to see even higher levels of abstraction such as Android Templates and now trnql that enables writing of much less code.

The main problem with abstraction is that the higher you go, the more you become constrained to a particular way of doing something. That particular way is usually tried and tested so it’s a compromise of reliability/time-to-market vs flexibility.

As your app matures, you will probably find you will want to do things differently or implement lower level things yourself to own the responsibility for aspects such as security. Starting simple, maps well onto the lean startup way of doing things as it maximises learning velocity.