Linux, Android Kernel Insecurity

thewashingtonpostThere’s an extremely long, sometimes entertaining, sometimes boring article The Kernel of the Argument at the Washington Post on insecurity of the Linux Kernel.

The gist of the article is that Linus Torvalds has personally managed the Linux kernel since its creation in 1991 and has had little interest in making it more secure at the cost of poorer performance. Instead, he argues it’s the responsibility of the components surrounding/using the kernel to enforce security. Linus has also said “I personally consider security bugs to be just ‘normal bugs.’”

If you don’t already know, Android is based on Linux. What does this mean for Android Developers? Well, it demonstrates, as with Android itself (or iOS), there will almost certainly always be vulnerabilities. YOU, not the OS, have ultimate responsibility to ensure your apps’ data is secure. YOU need to protect data to the level appropriate for your app. Don’t necessarily just rely on the OS.