Aggregation and Intermediaries

I am often sceptical when I see predictions from Analyst Houses but one caught my attention yesterday. Forrester, via CNBC in their How mobile will transform business in 2016 article says…

“Consumers will continue to spend most of their time in only a few apps (e.g. Facebook, Google Maps, WeChat), but will increasingly turn to aggregation apps”

This correlates with what I have been seeing recently re apps that are about to be developed. Aggregation is an emerging theme and a current opportunity. While I can’t name names due to confidentiality, we are going to see more apps that aggregate things. What kinds of things? Well, it will initially tend to be around products and services that are purchased. Instead of going to one vendor app, expect to use an app to compare prices and services much as we do for some things on the web at the moment. However, with more contextual information, particularly location, from apps there’s the potential of there being many more app-based intermediaries in more verticals.