App Retention Linked to Contextual Content

mobileworldliveThere’s an article at Mobile World Live (by the GSMA) titled Personalisation Key to App Stickiness. We all know user retention is just, if not more, important as user acquisition so how do we achieve this?

The survey by Localytics found that mobile users will start a new app on average 4.5 times before potentially stop using it.

The key is…

“Personalied app content and marketing messages, tailored to their specific behaviour, location and intentions.”

Hence, it’s crucial we use the first app launches to discover context for displaying the appropriate content in those and future app launches. For example, if the app continues to show ’empty’ states then it’s unlikely to be used again. However, what if the app shows nothing because it’s driven by external events such as location, iBeacons or notifications? It’s important to allow the user to initially populate the data somehow, perhaps via browsing limited content or via injected dummy events. That way, the user will get to see how the app can provide value.