Insights for Mobile Developers from Ericsson’s Mobility Report

ericssonlogoEricsson has a new free Mobility Report (pdf). Ericsson expect smartphone subscriptions to achieve 10% compound annual growth between now and 2021 while mobile data traffic will increase by 50% compound annual growth. That will be x10 increase in data traffic by 2021 mainly driven by video.

The report has an interesting section on smartphone switching patterns…

“82 percent of Android users and 73 percent of iOS users selected a smartphone with the same operating system when switching to a new device”


Note that this analysis pertains to switching trends from old to new devices, where users remain with the same operator.

As might be expected, analysis of mobile data traffic consumption on days following a device upgrade shows a significant surge in software download traffic share from app stores after a device switch.

This might give us a clue as to when promoting and marketing our app might be of most influence – when there’s a major new phone on the market or during the holiday season.