AppsWorld London 2015

appsworldToday I visited AppsWorld London. It has been over three years since I last visited and it’s interesting to compare the events as it gives a feel for what has changed over the last few years.


Three years ago, many of the stands were enterprise related and were promoting ways to quickly create hybrid webview apps. The majority of such companies have gone away and we are now at the stage where many of the stands were either new startup app developers offering development services or ‘on top’ offerings such as analytics, marketing, push and advertising. There were too many of these with no clear service differentiation so I suspect there will be some casualties.

I question the value of new app developers exhibiting to, what seemed to be, mainly app developers and I expect many of them won’t be here in the next three years unless they can build on an existing reputation. In order to be successful, they will also probably need to specialise in vertical industry areas and instead visit corresponding specific industry events to meet the real buyers.

I came across a few different things worth mentioning…

CopyCopy – A cross platform copy anything, paste anything. This is currently consumer focussed but I wondered if this could be used by apps themselves to quickly get data into an app.

Arxan – With too many ‘on top’ services concentrating on the same things mentioned above, it was refreshing to see Arxan offering app protection – in my option an important but under represented topic at the show.

Tasty-Apps – They were showing an innovative tablet-based app that uses NFC to load credit onto a card and then subsequently debit the card as purchases are made at an event such as beer festival. The solution uses a web server inside an Epson printer to allow it all to be self-contained.

BibShot – An interesting idea where spectators can sell their photos of runners after a race.

Swych – An app you can run on your iOS or Android phone that gives you an extra phone number that works via VoIP.

Blukii by Schneider – Their stand had the largest range of iBeacons I have seen. Small ones, large ones with long battery life, usb powered, wearable, card and sensor. It was like a sweet store for an iBeacon developer such as myself.