Top Retailer Strategies

appannieAppAnnie has a new report on the use of apps by top retailers, particularly in the US, UK and Japan. They conclude that apps are increasingly vital to strategy.


The report gives some great examples of how top retailers are using apps. For example, US drug stores are building in loyalty through repeat prescriptions and personalised dose reminders. Boots in the UK links to the customer loyalty card and provides personalised offers. Low cost retailers in UK such as Asda and ALDI have apps that allow people to find the best deals. Large stores, such as Target in the US, have interactive maps to help people find items.

These examples demonstrate how the same kind of app (i.e. retail) can differ a lot from store to store. I think the key is to ignore the stereotypical retail ‘shopping’ app and instead find what’s unique or different about the store, from a consumer viewpoint, and play on that strength within the app.