Mobile Shopping Trends

dynatraceDynatrace has an interesting free report (pdf) on shopping trends based on a four country consumer survey of smartphone and tablet users conducted by Harris Poll.

Millennials (age 18 to 34) are the vanguard of shopping via mobile with 60% of them doing shopping on their devices for this holiday season compared to 42% of all adults. The activity not just the buying itself but also comparing prices, reading product reviews and downloading coupons.


It’s not just Dynatrace who are identifying these trends. Gartner also has new research that claims 50 Percent of Consumers in Mature Markets Will Use Smartphones or Wearables for Mobile Payments by 2018.

However, the uptick in mobile shopping can bring new hazards for retailers. The restricted screen size and less effort put into mobile apps than web sites can lead to abandoned transactions and tarnishing of reputation. As Shay Ben-Barak says on LinkedIn, User Experience (UX) Is Not a Step in Your Project! Consumers are now sophisticated enough to seek the experience rather than features.