Testing Across Devices

The London Mobile Monday Yahoo group has an interesting thread on phone testing. The problem is the need to test against a large number of different handsets and networks. It’s obviously not possible to buy every phone and visit every country to test every network. The following diagram from Zanan shows how the increasing number of services and handsets results in an explosion in the number of testers…


Some comments from the MoMo Group…

  • DeviceAnywhere.com – Has over 300 handsets across 10 carriers. 3 hr free trial.
  • Nothing beats the actual phone in the real network.
  • Orange’s developer partner www.orangepartner.com  testing labs can provide a very wide range of handsets.
  • zandan.com offers testing across live networks across the world.

My personal experience is that you should not under estimate the problems that can be caused by different network operators in addition to those caused by different phones.

One new service not mentioned is Nokia’s new free Remote Device Access. However, this just covers S60 phones and there’s no carrier network connectivity (some phones may have WLAN access where the phone supports it).