Liquid Expectations in Mobile Health

accentureAccenture have a recent free paper on Losing Patience:Why Healthcare Providers Need to Up Their Mobile Game (pdf) where they say hospitals have engaged less than 2% of patients using mobile apps despite a growing desire for mobile engagement from patients. While the paper is based on US research, I believe most of the findings are applicable to global healthcare.


The paper talks of ‘liquid expections‘ where consumer expectations seep over from one industry to another, leading to end users feeling they haven’t been served well. It’s an interesting concept because it applies not just to health but other areas lagging in mobile.

Accenture emphasise the need to meet patients needs and improve the patient experience. However, I think there’s more at stake. Mobile technologies can improve efficiency for healthcase providers and enable side activities such as data capture and extra revenue streams.

If you happen to be in the UK and have an IoT idea for hospitals or social care, take a look at the IoTUK Boost that has a competition running with prizes of workshops, mentoring and desk space. But be quick, it closes 1200 on Monday!