Trend: SMS Applications

sms.jpgThis last month, I have received a larger than normal number of enquiries for SMS based applications. People are thinking up some amazing applications. This has made me think more about SMS.

First of all, SMS is ‘easy’ for the user. It’s an established way of communicating and , unlike GPRS/3G, doesn’t require any special set up on the phone.

Secondly, online SMS gateways are becoming more comprehensive. For example, Clickatell now offer 2-way SMS and affordable US shortcodes. Previously, you had to deal with one of the big gateways such as Mobile365 and it got very expensive. According to clickatell…

"Recent changes have taken place in the US marketplace with regard to USA messaging, and it is now requested that all existing SMS traffic, including mobile terminated (MT), alerts and notifications, etc., now be run over dedicated US shortcodes. "

I have also recently come across Wireless Media who provide cost effective and accessible (no account managers to pacify) SMS services including 2-Way, premium and international services.

I have also started implementing more projects, where data volumes are low, using SMS rather than GPRS/3G. It’s much more reliable (is often available when GPRS/3G isn’t) and relies less on the phone being set up correctly.