FlashLite on Sonopia

sonopia.gifSonopia is the ‘Do-it-yourself’ MVNO. You may remember I wondered how programmable the phones were and whether it would be possible to create a Sonopia MVNO differentiated by some kind of mobile application.

Sonopia Customer Service previously told me that only BREW was supported. I have since had an email from the VP Engineering at Sonopia. In actual fact, Sonopia looked into the BREW J2ME runtime but it wasn’t considered ready for commercial usage. Instead, in addition to BREW, Sonopia supports FlashLite that they are encouraging 3rd party developers to use.

The RAZR is currently the only FlashLite handset but more handsets are planned. What’s good is that it’s the newer FlashLite 2.1 installed on the RAZRs. This presents lots of interesting possibilities for creating mobile application differentiated MVNOs. It will be even more interesting if and when Sonopia makes it to Europe.