Mobile Engagement Crisis?

recodeThere’s an interesting recent post on re/code by Raj Aggarwal, Co-Founder and CEO, Localytics where he says we are in a mobile engagement crisis. He phrases the problem as a request to Mary Meeker of KPCB Internet Trends Report fame, to ask her to consider what she puts in this year’s report and encourage companies to do more.

Raj says that…

“the majority of businesses have failed to innovate at anywhere near the same pace of consumers’ demands and expectations for mobile”

and that there’s a

“temptation to just do “something” and check off the box is greater than ever”

Naturally, his company has the answer in the form of “deep insights from the data”. Nevertheless, I think Raj is right. Companies generally aren’t trying hard enough and consumers really want more (of mobile).

Looking at this from another angle, it means that the fewer companies who currently take mobile seriously and do it well can use it to competitive advantage. While data is one aspect that can be used to drive change, I believe the changes need to be at a higher level than this and are more about addressing end user needs rather than company needs.