Google Might Adopt Apple’s Swift Programming language?

thehackernewsThere’s a strange article at The Hacker News that claims that Google might adopt Apple’s Swift Programming language. It’s said that Google is considering making this a “first class language choice for programmers making apps for its Android platform.” Is this a late April fools joke?

While the article mentions Google’s ongoing battle, over Java, with Oracle as the reason for the adopting Swift, I can’t see it happening. Google has too much effort invested in Java in terms of tools, libraries, APIs and documentation. Repeating all this for Swift and making it “first class” would be a gargantuan effort. Also, I believe it wouldn’t be a great move as Swift is a moving target. Having done some Swift development myself, existing 3rd party libraries and documentation tends to be out of date and Apple have no qualms about changing the language syntax thus breaking backward source code compatibility. The Google Android team would end up chasing their tails.

Also, anyone thinking that the availability of Swift on iOS and Android might make cross platform easier should think again. While it would be useful for the (usually small amount of) business logic, the UI and platform APIs programming would still have the separate. I don’t think it would really help that much.

There’s also more commentary on this on TheNextWeb.