App Boom and Development Directions

techcrunchThere’s a thought provoking article at TechCrunch where it’s said that ‘The App Boom is Not Over’. The author points to data that shows that app revenue is expected to continue growing possibly driven by increased subscription revenue.

From my position, people are still looking to have apps developed and we seem to be in a period of consolidation where apps are being ported from iOS to Android and vice versa.

I believe that gaining revenue from selling apps is indeed waning. However, using apps to gain revenue by other means, through what they do, has never been stronger and we are moving past ‘infoware’ to more useful apps that do real things and provide value to users.

Developers such as myself are having to diversify AND specialise. I have had to diversify back into iOS development as existing clients have been demanding both iOS and Android apps. I seem to be porting both ways these days. However, I have also been starting to specialise in specific app (domain and technology) niches in order to continue to attract leads for work.