Google Training 2 Million Android Developers

economictimesIt was with some disappointment that I read that Google aims to train two million Indian developers on Android platform. It’s not the competition but the number of extra people who will end up ringing me to see if I have excess work that can be outsourced. I get a few such enquiries by phone and email every week. They must be desperate or misinformed because the kind of work I do is for people who definitely don’t want their work offshored.

In many ways, training two million extra Indian developers misses the real problem. The fact that the existing Indian developer base is already contacting me eager for work shows there isn’t a supply problem. For India, the real developer problem is one of incorrect expectations. Creating yet more developers that say ‘yes’ to everything and then under-deliver isn’t a solution. Instigating more projects that will need excessive developer management isn’t what’s required. Instead, Google and the Indian training partners should be looking to impart cultural, software process and engineering skills as opposed to just Android skills.