Mobile Platforms as Business Tools

Vision Mobile’s latest State of the Developer Nation Q3 2016 report is worth reading. It contains insights generated from 16,500+ developers, from 150 countries across mobile, desktop, cloud, IoT, augmented and virtual reality.

Of interest to mobile developers is that 47% of professional developers now consider Android their primary platform (vs 31% for iOS). Vision mobile says there have been a move away from monetisation via paid downloads, in app purchasing and advertising to apps that are business enablers. They also say there’s a shortage of talent familiar with Apple platforms to fill professional roles.


My personal view is that the huge Android market share has created pressure on iOS wielding (and hence Android averse) CEOs to take it more seriously. For every iOS-only app there has been the weight of Android end-users asking “Where’s the Android app?”. At last, mobile platforms are being considered as business tools rather than regions.