Opportunities When Device Shipments are Flat?

With Gartner predicting Flat Worldwide Device Shipments, including smartphones and tablets, where do you look for growth? Where are the opportunities? CSS Insight provides some clues. Today’s article on Mobile Business Subscriptions to Outgrow Consumer Segment in Western Europe says:

“In Spain, 21 percent of all cellular subscriptions are currently billed and used by businesses…

The UK is not far behind; with 16 million subscriptions, businesses account for 19 percent of all mobile connections”

Over the next four years, business subscriptions will outgrow the consumer segment in the five biggest European markets of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Businesses need apps both for internal use and by their customers. These kinds of apps tend to be of more use and better longevity than ‘fun’ consumer apps. Also, most don’t rely on app purchases or being accidentally discovered. The best current and ongoing opportunities are in business apps.