App Maintenance Costs and Planning

The BHW Group has recently posted about Mobile App Maintenance Costs. They say people often forget to consider the ongoing maintenance costs of mobile applications. Costs include hosting, monitoring, continued engagement, marketing, app updates, and customer support.

For experience, I think the most significant factor is app updates. For any non-trivial app, it’s almost always the case that once the app is live, it’s the first time stakeholders are able to really think through what they have asked to be created. They suddenly see the limitations, user experience problems and scope for improvements. Then there’s new OS versions. When Apple or Google have major updates to their operating systems, some things sometimes don’t work as well as they did and other times new APIs offer opportunity for improvement. Then there’s devices. On Android AND iOS it’s impossible to test all variants of operating system on all possible devices. There are always bugs to be fixed. Also, as new devices are released, there will be new problems. Hence, any non-trivial app undergoes ongoing maintenance. Then there’s Apple. Their T&C’s continually evolve and what passed review last time might not pass next time. Passing review is a moving target. What people consider as a ‘small change’ can become a larger change due to the need to address some new review issue.

Hence, as the BHW Groups says, you need to consider the ongoing maintenance costs of mobile applications. More specifically, you need to plan human and financial resources. On the human resource side, you need someone who will be around not just to create the app but also to perform longer term updates.