Extend Flash Lite on S60

flyer.gifOne of the problems with Flash Lite is that you can’t access many of the phone’s features. Recently, I came across Flyer that extends Flash Lite 2.1 to allow you to use Python on S60. This allows you to…

  • Take photos with device camera from Flash Lite
  • Take device screenshots from Flash Lite
  • Send files over a bluetooth connection from Flash Lite
  • Get the contact entries in the default device database
  • Perform text To speech
  • Record sound and playback

What’s more, it’s also all open source. However, I encourage you to sponsor the project as 60% of all donations to the Flyer Project will be for Brazilian Children. Also, it will help fund the following features that are currently in development… 

  • File upload to a remote server
  • GPS module to display latitude, longitude, satellite count, and time
  • Record device screen as Flash Video
  • Get Inbox SMS messages
  • FTP