June MoMo London

momlondon.pngLast night’s MoMo London covered graphics, multimedia and games. Here are some new insights I took away from the meeting…

  • Native gaming (as opposed to JAVA) may become a more viable platform as the installed based of devices increases over the next few years
  • Today’s low end and high end native programmable phones compare favourably (in performance) to the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP respectively
  • Open standards such as Open GL (ES 2.0) will help abstract away the functional fragmentation when coding native across devices
  • NVIDIA and Symbian are currently building in capabilities to use such standards and GPUs (low power auxiliary graphics processors) in tomorrow’s phones
  • High end gaming capabilities provided by GPUs may have knock on effects on the phone user experience and allow for visually rich user interfaces

Playing devils advocate for a moment, do people want or need to play such graphically complex games on their phone? In the past I worked with a extremely successful mobile developer who created both mesmerising arcade games and simpler casual games. At the end of the day, casual games proved to be more popular. Similarly, does a graphically rich phone UI necessarily mean the phone is easier to use? Not according to Microsoft who, due to to extensive user trials, actively removed eye candy in it’s mobile offerings.

There was also a presentation by Motorola on the new RAZR Z8 which I have had some thoughts on that I will save for a future post.