Where are the Industrial Symbian Phones?

symbian.gifI sometimes wonder why there aren’t any industrial rugged Symbian phones for use in applications such as supply chain and logistics. For example, it was strange to see Palm OS units being used to track people into the Symbian Smartphone show last year.

symbolcomputer.jpgIt’s not as though there isn’t a market. Symbian evolved from Psion which continued on as Psion Teklogix to concentrate only producing industrial solutions. Last year, Psion Teklogix had a larger revenue (£190 million) than Symbian (£165 Million). However, this is still small. Symbol Technologies, which manufactured Windows Mobile and Palm OS solutions and had an annual revenue of 1.7 Billion USD was purchased by Motorola last year. Hence, there is a market for these kinds of devices.

Motorola’s renewed interest in the UIQ platform together with its acquisition of Symbol actually presents some interesting opportunities.