How to Get Mentioned

world.gifOver the years, this blog has become more popular than I ever imagined. The log statistics show that it’s read by several thousand unique readers (that’s unique ip addresses) every day, from all over the World. The site serves just under half a million pages every month.

A growing number of companies and their PR agencies contact me to get a mention. However, I rarely do so unless there is something interesting or different I can pick up on.

What’s interesting? Well, for example, tell me how you have solved a mobile technical or commercial problem. Alternatively, send me stats or point me to a paper that might be of interest to readers. Give some information in order to attract attention. All this might seem obvious but it’s amazing how often it’s overlooked, especially by PR agencies.

Please don’t send me your app for review. This isn’t an app review site. However, the above advice holds. Point me to something that’s of real interest to readers and as a consequence of this your app or service might get a mention.