S60 Development Platform

s60.gifA new trend I am seeing, from prospective work leads, is for projects that make use of S60 as just a programmable platform for some specialised application – with the connectivity as an added bonus. This makes some sense because…

  • The platform is ubiquitous. Symbian’s latest fast facts show that the number of Symbian devices (mainly S60 phones) shipped every quarter is of the same order of magnitude as the number of laptops shipped.
  • A S60 device provides a cheaper, more mobile, more (physically) robust and less power hungry device than a laptop.
  • Devices such as the E60, E61 and E90 provide keyboard input.
  • More devices are including WiFi and GPS.
  • Some devices even work without a SIM!

I am not talking about using a phone as a laptop. Instead I am talking about very vertical applications where the device+software becomes a device having one specific use. Examples include GPS mapping, stock taking, teaching and remote telemetry.