Mobile Development Job Market

It’s strange when you get a week when you get a topic that keeps appearing again and again. This week it was the UK mobile job market. I have had one of my clients trying to find a Symbian developer, a colleague in the industry comparing industry rates, someone I used to work with looking for a Symbian developer and several agencies looking for people.

The overall impression I get is that there is a shortage of people. As an example, if you look at the Symbian careers web site there are more vacancies than I have time to count. I have heard from more than one source that the shortage isn’t just in mobile. The banks are heavily recruiting at the moment with very attractive rates and are even causing shortages in more common skills such as c++, .NET and Unix.

This doesn’t make much sense to me given that so much work is now performed offshore. I have even been told that some companies are now going offshore, not to save costs, but to find people with skills.