Size of the Market

instat.gifAt the recent FOM conference, Matt Millar of Adobe commented that there are now more Nokia S60 users than Mac users. A very recent In-Stat report predicts that "Size and Growth of Smartphone Market Will Exceed Laptop Market for Next Five Years".

However, S60 is a phone and Mac is a PC. It’s not sensible to infer that just because it’s feasible to create and sell apps for the Mac that it’s equally viable to create and sell them for S60. This comes down to end user expectations. People expect to add software to the Mac… they don’t on S60 phones. Why? This partly comes down to issues I posted about 18 months ago. While advertising for the N95 has heightened awareness of S60 and the "Open to anything" campaign helped a little, people need to see the benefits of adding software rather than the fact that they can just add software.