Google MyLocation: How Does it Work?


Following on from my post last week, I have received an email from someone (called Tauno) who says the Sony Ericsson version of GMM doesn’t send the IMEI.

Now I think Vodafone’s version may be a custom version that uses their wholesale location service. The version that most people are using is just using the cellid – and this isn’t available on all phones.

But what of the Google video? …


"location based on unique footprint of nearby towers"
"service gets better the more you use it"

How can the phone (Java) get the nearby towers? How can it get signal strengths? Well, it can’t. My latest theory is that when you move away from one tower towards another, the cellid changes and MyLocation knows you are midway inbetween – I suspect this is the use of "nearby towers" … and hence the service gets better as you move.