Small Memory Software

softwareengineeringradio.gifThere’s a new interesting podcast on Small Memory Software at Software Engineering Radio…

"In this Episode we’re discussing patterns for small memory software with the authors of the like-named book by Charles Weir and James Noble. We look at various aspects of the small memory problem: How can you manage memory use across a whole system? What can you do when you have run out of primary storage? How can you fit a quart of data into a pint pot of memory? How can you reduce the memory needed for your data? How do you allocate memory to store your data structures?"

If you are interested in the book itself then you can view it free online at together with two unpublished chapters and the example source code.

By the way, while you are on the Software Engineering Radio site, you might also like to take a look at Episode 61: Internals of GCC.