Beam it up Scotty

beamitupscotty.gifJust came across this new site. It allows you to send content to your (or another person’s) phone.

Beam it Up Scotty is not only free but also (optionally) converts and compresses media to make it more suitable for your phone.

At first, I was sceptical and thought it was just someone harvesting phone numbers and email addresses. However, the corporate information and data protection pages show it’s written by a company in Germany. Hence, under EU data protection laws, they can’t misuse or sell your data unless they pre-declare they are doing so.

I gave it a go with Symbian .sisx and Java ME .jar install files and the SMS messages arrived quickly and downloaded OK. This is a great free way for developers to get apps to remote users.

This is such a useful service that it’s bound to be over-used and withdrawn once the SMS costs add up.