Carbide.c++ UIQ UI Designer

carbidecxx13.gifAfter last year’s Symbian Smartphone show I commented that the UIQ 3.x UI Designer would become part of the Carbide.c++ beta around January.

Nokia has now released their release candidate 1 for Carbide.c++ 1.3. This Beta-release is the first one that contains UI-designer with support for UIQ applications. It can be downloaded from after you have registered.

The UIQ UI designer has come late to the Carbide 1.3 beta hence the timeframe for beta testing is a bit tight. UIQ are looking for bug reports during this week and you have until 10th of February (Sunday) to submit any bugs.

If you are wondering, you can run Carbide 1.3 side by side with Carbide 1.2. However, you can’t share the same projects. Opening a 1.2 project in 1.3 will cause it to be upgraded to the new project format. You will have to re-import your project to get it back into 1.2 format.